Footsteps For Flood Relief: 5,000 Meters Because We Care
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Our Mission:

To better connect the University of Northern Iowa with the people of the Cedar Valley in order to raise awareness and provide relief for the lingering effects of the floods of 2008

North Cedar Falls flooded

This past summer, the Midwest experienced serious flooding. The 500 year flood caused major damage all across Iowa.  The Cedar Valley was hit hard by the flooding after the Cedar River reached record levels. 

Volunteers Sandbagging near the Cedar River in Cedar FallsThe floods of 2008 affected nearly every county in Iowa, with 85 of the 99 counties in Iowa declared Presidential Disaster Areas. A staggering $946 million are needed to rebuild or repair damaged housing even after assistance from insurance companies and federal disaster assistance. 

Despite federal, state, and local relief efforts, there are still residents of the Cedar Valley with unmet needs after the floods of 2008.  Approximately 1500 residents of Cedar Falls applied for FEMA relief and 400-500 homes were damaged in the North Cedar region of Cedar Falls alone. Many people in the Cedar Valley are unable to receive insurance for their home because the damage is estimated just beneath the total needed to receive insurance.  Without insurance or other financial aid to repair or rebuild their homes, many people may be required to sell their homes for buy-out prices that are not high enough for them to buy a home elsewhere.

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The full economic impact of this summer’s flooding may not fully present itself for several years, and it will take many years to completely recover from the damage caused by the flooding.

As UNI students, our team members feel we belong to the local community and recognize the need for help in dealing with flood-related issues.  Consequently, we, Team Destination, have identified the topic of this summer’s flooding in Cedar Falls as our issue for our Presidential Scholars Honors Service Learning project. 

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